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Giveaways & Contests
Giveaways = Exposure!
Giveaway & Contest Marketing

Want to use Fraser Valley Now as the vessel to deliver your message?


ontests are a common promotional tool used by businesses to gain exposure and attract customers to their products or services. Perhaps you may want to give away some tickets to a show you sponsor or simply give a big prize away in exchange for some exposure. It is about creating that feel-good moment to someone and the idea of potentially thousands anticipating that chance feeling. Giveaways are just awesome!

Giveaways Contests Marketing - Fraser Valley Now

Giveaway Contests Marketing - Fraser Valley Now

Contests definitely attract people. Have you ever met anyone who said they would hate to win something? No. Naturally all people love to be on the winning side of any contest. When we run a contest, the exposure is wide spread and through many different marketing avenues.

We can run the contest for you and put it in front of our viewership. Your brand will always be in the forefront and gain a lot of exposure. This is also a great way to have your brand in a sidebar promotional ad on our website during the entire campaign.

What Do You Need?

First off, whatever you giveaway must be something of value. It can’t be a gift certificate for your services, unless, it is something of high value and would be of interest to both men and women. That is the trick. Perhaps your business caters to just women, but, that should not be your target market. Men will enter contests as well and your brand then becomes familiar with them also. (Sometimes men and women talk with one another)

If a contest giveaway is something you may be interested in and you have an idea of what you might want to giveaway, contact us and let’s chat about it. We typically need a minimum of 2 months lead time before any contest can begin as our schedule requires planning. Contact Us Today!