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Event Marketing
Publicize Your Event Throughout the Fraser Valley

Promoting Your Event Throughout The Fraser Valley Online!


re you hosting an event and would like more exposure than just a listing in our community calendar? Would you like to get your event into our social media and onto the sidebar of our websites?

Event Marketing is all about exposure but targeted exposure. Someone who lives on the other side of the planet is probably not interested in your community festival. However, if it is a community festival or any type of event happening in the Fraser Valley, we are definitely the place to start marketing it. Our target market is the Fraser Valley.

There are a few different ways we provide events marketing.

  1. If you are selling tickets for your event, then we are open to perhaps doing an exchange of tickets for marketing. We would use those tickets in random giveaways we do with our viewership.
  2. If your event meets the requirements of our community calendar, we offer reduced pricing on our display advertising and social media marketing rates.
  3. If your event can’t be placed in our community calendar because it does not meet the requirements, we offer calendar submission pricing along with reduced rates on our display advertising and social media marketing rates.

Our calendar is search engine friendly and events that are sponsored by us or have been paid to be included, are fully optimized for the search engines. This provides more punch in your marketing.

Event Marketing - Fraser Valley Now